Day 1 : my name is maria   Reflections on hw one reads in my name" as it has significant widely used meanings,connotations and values.  What you see is most likely part of me in varying degrees of interretation.
Day 2 : respectful greeting
Day 3 : early pleasures
Day 2 : respectful greeting

40 days & 40 nights

Daily self portraits of an artist: struggling with trans-generational trauma, fragmented memories, distorted identity, contrasting sociocultural norms, and responding to current existential crises... here is my every day

(1) The number 40 signifies “a long time” symbolically (2) in Judaism it represents a period of probation, trial and chastisement (3) in biblical terms it means revival and new beginning (4) in many cases it talks about a fasting and being in the desert (5) it typically takes 40 weeks for human pregnancy from beginning ‘til end (6) -40 degrees is the only time Celsius and Fahrenheit scales correspond (7) it is the only number written in alphabetical order (8) during the bubonic plague ships would be isolated for 40 days before passengers could go ashore (9) Italian for forty is “quarenta” hence “quarentine”... all of these meanings were contemplated and relevant during the last 40 days and 40 nights during pandemic lockdown.

vowels & consonants - Mihyun Maria Kim
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 mihyun maria kim