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In recent years, the reoccurring themes in my work dealt with histories of individual and collective experiences, distorted and manipulated memories, altered perceptions of the world through intergenerational transferring of values, the notion of truth, and sense of time. Transgenerational trauma (especially lived experiences of divorce, displacement, poverty and class divide), fragmented memory, distorted identity, contrasting sociocultural norms, were a constant source of narratives contextualizing the use of the human face and body as the place which holds the traces of human experience.


While returning to and staying at home during the pandemic, I was triggered by two sources: a found photograph of myself as a child chasing after my mother, whom I have no memory of, and the Korean word ‘han’ that translates as ‘shared suffering’ or a longing of a person or place that one once knew.  Both have to do with a gap formed by the distance of physical reach, duration of separation, fading or erasure of memory, silenced storytelling and fragmented truths.  Existing, understanding, transforming and enduring the space of the gap could be the shared experience of those who live between family members, two or more cultures, languages, systems of beliefs, values and traditions.  Through various methods of research and process work, I intend on continuing to face the gap in identity, plurality, vision, transcendence of time and decentralized positions, in order to find multiple meanings and interpretations, creating space for radicality.                                                                                    2021


Mihyun Maria Kim is an interdisciplinary artist and painter, presently based in Tkaronto/ Toronto (CA), working with various materials to explore figuration and narration, focused on the body, human experience and forms of storytelling.  She has been a resident artist with AKIN X Collision Gallery (2020) and the Mississauga Living Arts Centre (2018-2019), while pursuing further studies at OCAD University.  During her three years in Europe (2017-2019), she participated and worked for international artist residencies in Paris, Barcelona, Sevilla, Leipzig, and has co-founded MODS collective (bringing creative minds together into discussions and exchanges). She has shown her works in the mentioned cities above including Venice, with solo shows in Toronto, Leipzig and Sevilla. Group murals exist in Mongolia, Kenya, Brazil, Korea and Canada. 

          SHOWS ALONE

2020      10           Single Out, Collision Gallery Toronto, ON, Canada 

2019       02           im Schatten (in the Shadows) S1 Vinyl & Kaffee Leipzig, Germany

2018       06           Sin Rostro (Faceless),Curated by Martina Garcia Durendez, LA Figurativa Seville, Spain




       09            Resident Artist's Collective show, Collision Gallery Toronto, ON, Canada    

01-03            VAM (Visual Arts Mississauga) 's 42nd Annual Juried Show, Art Gallery of Mississauga                                          Mississauga, ON, Canada


11-12              34th Scarborough Arts' Juried Exhibition: INTROSPECTION,  Cedar Ridge Creative                                               Centre Scarborough, ON, Canada

      10               V O C A B,  Lindenow, Westapotheke Leipzig, Germany

      10               Din [<] Leipzig, Germany

02-03           The Body Language, Curated by Luca Curci, The Room Venice, Italy


       12              Spoor: Final Exhibition, Curated by Viviane Tabach,  Pilotenkueche  Leipzig, Germany

       11               Speech Bubble, Curated by Maeshelle West-Davies & Viviane Tabach, Alte                                                                       Handelsschule  Leipzig, Germany

       11               Rutschbahn, Curated by Martin Holz & Viviane Tabach, Krudebude  Leipzig, Germany

       11               I Accept Cookies, Curated by Viviane Tabach, Ping Pong  Leipzig, Germany


      04             La Terre vue de la Terre, Centre d'Art Marnay Art Centre, Marnay-sur-Seine, Paris, France


      09            QWAC Award of Distinction:  6/200 show, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, ON, Canada


      07             48th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (TOAE), Nathan Philips Square, Toronto, ON, Canada

      05             RETROspective show, OCAD University, Toronto, ON, Canada


       09            Insecure, Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada


         01             Imprints, Ontario College of Art & Design Transit Space, Toronto, ON, Canada


       05            Identity, Toronto Consulate of South Korea Gallery,Toronto, ON, Canada


       07            One Voice, Christie Korean Cultural Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada

       06            KOSTA: Image, Trent University Gallery, Peterborough, ON, Canada



       08           Rise Up, Educandario Sao Vicente de Paulo– orphanage exterior, Itarare, Sao Paulo, Brazil

       08           Swim, Health Centre- interior walls, Itarare, Sao Paulo, Brazil


       08           Map, Massai Church- interior walls, Maisikiria, Rift Valley, Kenya  


       08           Wave, Orphanage- exterior walls, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia             


2017 - 2022

CO-FOUNDER & MODERATOR:  MODS COLLECTIVE                                  Barcelona, Spain > Leipzig, Germany > online


PUBLIC VIDEO ART: "Finder's Keepers", City of Mississauga, Maps of Mississauga Selection, ON, Canada (2 month project)

Sunflower Murals Selection: "Remembering Four Sisters"Lakeview Village & Artscape Atelier Sunflower Murals Selection, Mississauga, ON, Canada     (2 month project)


Volunteer Arts Instructor: Greenland Public School,  North York, ON, Canada




Toronto Arts Council: Animating Historic Sites- Gibson House  Toronto, ON, Canada  (1 year)


PARTIAL Gallery  X OCADU CAREER LAUNCHER recipient, online sales representation, Toronto, ON, Canada  (1 year)

AKIN X COLLISION Gallery AIR,  Toronto, ON, Canada (4 months)


MODS MANUAL WRITING LAB Residency, Online  (8 weeks)

MODS VIRTUAL LAB Pilot Residency, Online (6 weeks)

Remota, Can Serrat (ES) & g_b (CO), Online Pilot Residency



Mississauga Living Arts Centre (MLAC), Mississauga, ON, Canada (1 year)

Pilotenkueche: ASSISTANT DIRECTOR in Residence,  Leipzig, Germany (3 months)


Pilotenkueche, Leipzig, Germany (3 months)

AIR Gentum, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR in Residence,Seville, Spain (Work-trade 2 months)

AIR Gentum, Seville, Spain (Stipend Award 3 months)


Can Serrat Centro de Actividades Artísticas, ARTISTIC COORDINATOR in Residence, El Bruc, Catalunya, Spain (work-trade 3 months)

CAMAC (Centre d'Art Marnay Art Centre): ARTIST CHEF in Residence, Marnay-Sur-Seine, France (1 month)

CAMAC (Centre d'Art Marnay Art Centre), Marnay-Sur-Seine, France (Stipend Award 10 weeks)


Can Serrat Centro de Actividades Artisticas, El Bruc, Barcelona, Spain (Stipend Award 2 months)

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